April 24, 2010

Popped Seams in My Skin

This morning, I woke up remembering the senses of my dreams. I dreamt I had princess seams in my skin that extended from the tops of my breasts to the underside of my belly. The seams had torn, so the muscle and tissue beneath was exposed. I thought, "Wow, I need to either get that fixed or sew up the seams myself."

And I dreamt Miner went out of his way to stay over at Stripper's house where other females -- including SuccessfulModel -- were staying, too. I left with the intention of running so far away he'd never find me.


Didn't get up until 11:30-ish.  Messing around in my iPhone apps last night, and found Ambiance Lite.  I put the "Long Thunderstorm" sound file on perpetual loop, and apparently, the white noise worked.  Almost hypnotic.

Kids came into the bedroom this morning and were really confused that they heard rain and thunder, but when they looked out of the window through the blinds, they saw no rain.

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