January 15, 2010

Friday 5 for January 15: Misses

1. What’s something you frequently misplace? My anger.

2. For whom are you often mistaken? "That lady who works at the nail salon."

3. When were you last misinformed about something important? The (un)death of a dear friend. Secondhand misinformation, though. It happens.

4. Where in your home do you have a seemingly random collection of miscellanea? Laundry shelf.

5. Upon meeting someone for the first time, what qualities in the other person are likely to cause you to misjudge him or her? Shyness can often be mistaken for snobbery.

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  1. Next time someone mistakes your for their nail lady, just let them believe it...then tell them how discreet you've been about their hideous nail fungus. :-)

  2. Heh HEH! Good one, Laura. Thanks for the ammo. ;)