January 19, 2010

Facts & Feelings - Jan. 18th

1. supine -
  1. lying on the back, face or front upward.
  2. inactive, passive, or inert, esp. from indolence or indifference.
  3. (of the hand) having the palm upward.
2. buttermilk at bedtime

3. bought fresh flowers for the dining room table, just because

4. mouse in the garage

5. great Forest fire

6. I'd like a fireplace in every room in the house.

7. You may scoff at us for shopping the aisles in a single-file line, but you scoff more when we don't.

8. He's graying at the temples, and I love it.


  1. Hi 'Ailina! Thanks so much for your email. I really appreciate that you were thinking of me. I've been here all along; I'm so glad you're back to posting. I've tried many times to leave comments, but it always said it couldn't be processed. I am hoping I finally figured out that I have to be signed into my google account for it to work.

    #5...is that about your boy? I hope everything is fine.
    #7 I wouldn't scoff...I would be grateful! I'm trying to teach my kids that when someone else comes down the aisle, they must get in front of me instead of beside me. I usually have to remind them several times.
    #8 funny...last night my husband was reading our devotions outloud to us, and I was admiring the gray in his beard! :-)

    keep posting!

  2. Denise! Technical problems! Thank goodness! I thought maybe something bad had happened. SO glad to know you're all right...your message went through this time!

    #5: The boy has hearth duty. He complains sometimes, but he sure can make a good fire. :)

    #7: Constant reminders here, too. I keep bracing myself, afraid they're going to trip an elderly shopper or get into a head-on cart collision!

    #8: Is your DH self-conscious about his gray? Miner is, but I keep telling him...gray is VERY becoming! (Wish it were the same for us!)

    Hugs to you, too! Thanks for the encouragement...

  3. I should've emailed you and said "I can't comment! Help!" But I'm glad it's working now.

    Yes, I like my man with a beard but he thinks it makes him look old so he shaves it off. Good thing he's lazy about shaving so I get to enjoy him with a beard half the time anyway!

    Thanks for the warm welcome!