August 3, 2009

Turn the Page

Up late/early, on the cusp of yet another transition. Or, collection of transitions, as is always the case when July gives way to August.

Launching into another fourteen days of monoparenting. Beginning the 2009-2010 homeschooling year (insofar as the state of Louisiana is concerned. The past couple years haven't been divided that way, since we've schooled year-round, but really, the state's happy as long as we put in a minimum of 235 days per year).

New year means new lessons for all. Had to pull all the kids from extracurriculars in the name of financial adjustments, but will be compensating with a return to Hawaiian studies. The girls have been pressing me about that for so long. Now is the perfect time to step up and oblige them.

And prepping Rocky for college. It's shakedown time. I don't think the kid's aware how intense his studies will be now that we're kicking it up a notch. Only 1.5-2 years left before he'll begin work on a degree. He's got the necessary critical thinking skills. Now, we've just got to get him to stick to some kind of study ethic and make sure he's got a strong arsenal of study skills.

And me? Begun serious coursework on writing short stories. Free curriculum through MIT OpenCourseWare. So far, readings from various American short story writers, including Sherwood Anderson, whom I've discovered I love. His treatment of his fictitious rural town of Winesburg, Ohio (also the title of his most popular anthology) reminds me of Ernest Gaines and his Bayonne, Louisiana. Also brings new context to my "Roe, Louisiana," and I'm inspired to explore the possibilities.

Ua pa'ahana loa i kēia mau lā, akā...'a'ole pilikia. Maika'i kēlā. Ua maika'i ka hana i ka na'au.

Loosely..."These days are so busy, problem. That's good. Work is good for the soul."

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