July 15, 2009

Me Keeping up with Me

July is, tsunami, pushing me face-first into the shore, then dragging me back out again before I can surface for a half-breath of air.

Since vacation, I've crashed into bed every single night like a fallen sequoia. Then daylight yells me up to the next task.

Sleep is more a pause than it is sleep. I guess I could say it's "suspended animation" in a different sense of the word, because I'm "animated" all damn day, and activity is only suspended for a few short hours (that really feel like seconds to me).

Trying my very best to recuperate from traveling highs. Trying to jam myself back into routine -- square peg into a round hole.

But I don't feel sorry for myself. Littlest Brother's wedding was a dream, followed by a beach vacation dream I wasn't expecting. Miner and I truly reconnected after (what seems like) years of dormancy.

Now if we can only make it to Tuesday.... Romantic evening for two planned. But Rocky may be facing a bout of strep throat, in which case all we can do is remain vigilant and hope he pulls through before his coveted character convention Thursday. Poor kid will probably be sick for his own birthday. (Not to mention sick on the very night of said escapade.)

Tomorrow demands a clear head for homeschooling and lots of motherly nurturing for the infirm. Lucky for me there are no outside obligations, or I'd have to turn in my badge.

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