May 17, 2009

Writing Cottage Design 1

Design 1 (570 sq. ft.) is a nice starting point. I like it, though I have a few changes in mind.

1. Open up kitchenette. I'd like to do away with the walls entirely and instead install a cabinet countertop to separate the kitchenette from the office.

2. Larger office windows. The design program doesn't allow us to include larger windows, but I'd like to expand them to floor-to-ceiling windows for optimal view.

3. Raised desk area. Originally, I wanted a loft desk area, but this design doesn't include that. Building a loft adds expense, too. A less expensive option would be to build a raised corner area with a step up, or two. If floor-to-ceiling windows are too costly, a raised desk might offer a similar view of the property.

4. Back deck/patio. I love the indoor patio Miner's designed. It would be a perfect climate-controlled sitting area for days and nights that are too hot or two cold for my taste. However, I still want an outdoor back patio or deck overlooking the property. Must be able to sit and watch the sun rise or set, and hear the sounds of nature.

View from sitting area

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