May 21, 2009

Day's Thought Samples - 5.21.09

Domestic Wildlife Spotted Today:
  • 1 wolf spider
  • 3 cockroaches (full-grown)
  • 1 adult skink (approx. 6" long, nose to tail-tip)
  • 3 geckos
  • 2 beetles
  • 1 wasp
(Found this guy treading for dear life in Cleo's waterbowl.)


Day's Thought Samples
  • while hosing down the deck:
    "Some people have only one novel in them. I wonder if I'm one. That would be kinda depressing, anticipating it all these years only to realize one book is all I've got. One message, one book. Could my life culminate in the expression of just one message? Harper Lee only had To Kill a Mockingbird. If I'd written To Kill a Mockingbird, would I be satisfied? Or would I feel like I'd somehow failed?"
  • in the bathtub:
    "If I dropped the phone into the water right now, would I die? It's not like it's plugged in. It's only got a couple AA batteries. I might not die, but I'd lose my call. That would really stink. This is a great conversation."
  • listening to Journey:
    "If I were singing karaoke and drunk, would I be able to hit that note?"
  • picking up Bunny from gym:
    "I hope I don't smell as bad to everyone else as I do to myself. It's not like I can say, 'Sorry. Been doin' yard work.'"
  • in the van, after talking to Bunny's gym coach:
    "Wow. No wonder she was staring at that one spot on my face. Big chunk 'o mud right there."
  • waving to the new neighbors as I pulled into the driveway:
    "I wonder if they'll end up hating us because we're so chaotic."
  • cleaning the kitchen:
    "I hope I haven't been drinking the cup of coffee I made last night."

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