July 8, 2014

Design Project: Dresser and Shelf Stand - Gumball's Bedroom

I understand the concept of carrying basic elements of a particular home design through every room of the house. I'd love to hold to that principle, but with six kids of varying ages and fanatic interests under one roof, we've simply chosen to follow each individual's inspiration. Who knows. Maybe it'll work out.

Gumball's bedroom was previously a little boy's room. I aim to transform it into a sweet, feminine space suitable for toddler girl.

Her namesake aunt has always collected carousel horses. That theme was not only fitting but absolutely brilliant as I adore the Victorian era and the dusty roses that invariably accompany a carousel horse.
The accent wall is currently blue. I have the paint I need to replace the blue with pink and white stripes.

Fortunately, we already have Gumball's main pieces of furniture. Unfortunately, every piece requires new paint. We began with her dresser which belonged to a different aunt.
Years ago, we bought a three-drawer bread stand. It was a cheap piece and the cabinets broke after a year, but the shelves were handy so we kept it.

I removed the plastic fasteners. Miner stained it dark walnut ($5 in the oops paint section). It turned out to be such a beautiful little unit. Now I need to find some pretty light-colored baskets.

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