May 14, 2013

And just like that...

...something that seems of relatively little consequence blossoms and lands you in the OR less than 24 hours later.

 I've dealt with staph numerous times before, and fever and discomfort, but Gumball's lethargy was so marked, I carried her into emergency. By morning, her abscess spread to three times its original size, so the doc opted to go in and clear it surgically.

 She's been on antibiotics and three rounds of morphine, and her fever persists. She hasn't cracked a smile once -- not even a hint in her shiny black eyes.

 A mother's hell is being trapped at a hospital bedside, watching her baby whimper through pain because there is no longer any strength to fight it. And five other kids at home fending for themselves.

 Hell is knowing your children need you but you can neither bend time nor space to help them.

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