April 11, 2010

Homeschooling Travel Inspiration: Houston Museum District

Family studying:
Ancient Egypt.
Mom wonders:
"What local venues might provide some fun reinforcement?"
Research leads to:
Houston Museum of Natural Science
(FREE on Tuesdays after 2PM!)
which leads to:
Houston Museum District
(tons of FREE educational venues!)
which leads to:
an inspired planning frenzy!
The result:
3 days
2 nights
1 adult
5 kids
10 museums
4 galleries
2 landmarks
4 recreational sites
3 purchased meals
(excluding gas & accommodations)

Click image to view tentative itinerary.

The itinerary is air-tight.  I doubt we'll be able to see everything on the agenda, but it'll be a lot of fun giving it a shot.

I could honestly spend hours planning trips, itineraries, and cost analyses.  Problem solving...cutting, pasting, rearranging in order to find the most efficient solution.  I love reading reviews, analyzing maps and transportation routes.  I love researching venue hours and admissions, reading histories and descriptions.

And the final reward comes when we arrive, and all that planning and research and preparation pays off, and we all get to see first-hand the details we've been exposed to through brochures and online.  SO much fun.

And hotels are fun.  Housekeeping, swimming pools, little soaps wrapped in shiny paper, crisp and cold sheets...waking up early, early in the morning to be first in line for the continental breakfast.


If this Houston trip is successful, I'll be planning many more.  Other destinations I'm currently researching...
  • Louisiana State University campus (museums, galleries, landmarks)
  • Baton Rouge State Capitol and vicinity (State Capitol, museums, galleries)
  • Baton Rouge College Hills area (museums, botanical gardens)
  • Arkansas Crater of Diamonds (prospecting, campgrounds)


  1. all while baking another human being.

  2. by the way, how's the planning /fundraising coming for CA?