April 25, 2010

Hiding: Day 10

Tonight, it was Elizabeth Taylor and Sonja Henie. And I researched the effects of drinking pickle juice, because I've had the overwhelming craving to do just that.

Otherwise, I spent 90% of my waking hours sitting in this one spot in bed, alternating between watching movies, online research, and sleeping.  Agonizing.   But what's more agonizing is the fact that's exactly what I feel like doing -- nothing more, nothing less.

Mom tried to call again tonight, but I didn't pick up.  I hate that for her.  I hope it's not as heartbreaking to her as I think it is.  It's not on account of anything negative about her at all.  I just can't communicate right now.  With anyone.  Just can't do it.  And I'm sorry.

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