February 10, 2010

You will not make me cry. I will not let you make me cry.

If I were a lesser woman, I'd be in tears right now.

It's 47 degrees inside and out.  I've been freezing my rear all day.  Kids are fine near the fire in the living room, but I can only break away from "apprenticing" long enough to thaw my appendages, then it's back to holding wood in place, sweeping up, holding one end of the tape measure, etc. etc. etc.

Progress is so slow.  Really, all we thought we'd have to do was pull out the old broken door and replace it with a new one. But then we found rot on every adjacent beam....  You just can't cover that stuff up and hope it'll go away.

So it's 6 PM.  Getting too late for Miner to use any of the power tools if we want to stay in the neighbors' good graces.  But he's determined to get at least the door in the jamb before bedtime.  Don't know how he plans to accomplish that tonight, because the cedar siding has to go in before the door can.  That means more measuring, more cutting, more nailing....

I believe I'm going to be sick.  Already have a comfy cotton hanky in my pocket, waiting for the inevitable.


  1. OH my...is that open to the outdoors? Deep breaths 'Ailina...hang in there!

  2. I'm SO glad I'm typing this with the windows and doors back where they should be (for now)! Ugh, it was horrible. Tomorrow, we have to tackle it again, remove them all and make some adjustments before we put them back in.

    I remind myself hard work pays off in the end!

  3. I get anxious just reading about home improvement projects. I guess I am not meant to be a home owner. Even from the picture though, I can tell your house is lovely and well worth the time and effort.