February 14, 2010

The Refiner Family to increase by one Summer 2010

The news "officially" broke last night.  Of course we knew before now (one need only pause for a brief moment to put two and two together) but held off on making the announcement until all the immediate family members had been notified.

They were "notified" last night after dinner, and I got it on film.  Nothing as dramatic as some of the meltdowns I've seen on America's Funniest Home Videos, but the kids' reactions were humorous, if a bit predictable.

Mom & Dad:  "Well, kids...we're going to be adding a new family member."
Rocky:  "Before you even said anything, I already had one word in mind: 'Again?'"
Priss:  "Are we getting another pet?"
Bunny:  "Yay! That means we get to play dress-up with it, just like a doll, only real!...Oh, wait a minute. Does this mean we have to do more work?"
Moe:  "Are you joking with us?"
Priss:  (fingers in her mouth) "I'm not going to be the youngest anymore."
Moe:  "Are you sure you're not kidding?"

The initial shock has passed, and we're now moving into the earliest preparations.  Mainly, working on the family budget, getting major repairs done on the house.  There's a sense of urgency in accomplishing as much as I absolutely can these next few months to pull the family together and get us into a solid position. So much will change after the baby's born, including ease of mobility.  A baby will change the face of camping for at least the next five years.

One thing is certain: I'm at no deficit for inspiration or motivation.  It's been a long while since either came upon me in any great abundance.  I'm moved to WRITE.


Now Publishing...
Notes on the sprouting of the sixth kid.


  1. I just don't know what to say. What a special time for you, for all of us. I'm so excited. Thrilled. Please come and share some of that time with me. It's very short.
    Remember, time is always short so never waste a moment by not being there.
    I love you.

  2. Congratulations, a baby is so special. I always wanted a BIG family but it was not meant to be. Now I can spoil the grandchildren. Take care <3

  3. What wonderful news, 'Ailina! Congratulations to the whole family.

  4. Thats a special time.
    I like that "I am not the youngest?"

  5. :) Thanks for the Congrats & well wishes, friends!

  6. HOW EXCITING!!! I'm so happy for you. I'm totally jealous too but mostly happy for you and your family. Each one of those kids will be fighting over that baby soon enough! You're a great mom and I'm so glad God is blessing you with another baby. I will pray for an easy healthy pregnancy!

  7. ack I can't get your baby blog to load :-(!

  8. Thank you, Denise! I only hope I'm up for the challenge. :)

    (You can try the link again. I put in an extra space that messed up the link. It's fixed now.)

  9. Forgive my boldness in congratulating you on the impending bundle of joy and your recent marriage. I'm pleased that you are feeling inspired to write. I am not entirely certain why, but I have found myself drawn back to your site on several occasions hoping to see more writing. You truly have a unique voice as you write and I look forward to seeing more. As someone who relies on writing skill for a living, I do hope that you will continue to pursue opportunities that will allow you to treat a broader audience to your considerable talents. All the best.