January 8, 2010

Friday 5 for January 8: Last Resorts

1. What’s something you wear only when you’re just about out of clean clothes? What clean clothes?

2. Who’s someone you hang out with only if nobody else is available? Myself. I never get to spend time with her one-on-one, so if no one else is around, I jump at the chance and call her up.

3. What’s something you eat only when the budget is really, really tight? How 'bout instead, "What's the only thing you eat when the budget is really, really tight?" We can only afford to eat one thing:

4. Who’s someone you call for help only if you absolutely must? Mom.

5. What’s something you’ll watch on television only because it’s slightly better than watching nothing? Infomercials, but that's only when I need something on the TV to put me to sleep.

(To participate, visit Friday5.org.)

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