June 16, 2009

Thoughts in Traffic

. At traffic light: In the car behind me, a young couple kissing while waiting for the light to change. Recalled when Miner and I used to kiss at traffic lights. Now, that kind of behavior would be met with words like "Ew!" and "Gross!" and "Daddy, keep your eyes on the road!"

. In huge pick-up that rushed to cross the highway in front of me and cleared less than five seconds: Driver in a cowboy hat waved "thanks," as if to acknowledge it was a risky move, but "thanks for understanding." And I did understand, and it didn't bother me a bit. A tiny courtesy goes a long, long way.

. In little red compact car in front of me: Asian guy with the coolest "Asian haircut." Spiky bangs stuck straight up, sunglasses. Fleetingly wondered why I've never gotten an "Asian haircut" myself. Considered the cultural gap between me and "Asian" -- even though I'm half-Asian -- and for a moment, felt lonely and out-of-place.

. On yet-another family van: Little cartoon character "family" stickers, with pets included. Wondered if I'd seen that same van before, and if I hadn't, wondered how many vans in Lafayette have those same stickers, in some other combination and order. Briefly considered whether or not stickers like that on the back of our van would get me pulled over for obstruction of view.

. In the CD player: Journey. "Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'" - repeat. repeat. repeat.

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