June 1, 2009

Land & a Modular Home?

Move to the country is a year out, give or take a few months. Plenty of time to find a place that will meet all three criteria: Lafayette access, desirable home, private acreage.

Went to look at a house in New Iberia today. Another gorgeous home, to look at the photos. All the bells & whistles -- crown molding, tray ceiling, granite countertops, beautiful yard...but all less than 100 feet from a busy industrial road. Doesn't quite meet the "private" criteria.

So far, nothing has met all three criteria. But land sure is abundant. Plenty of forested lots, many with some water source...and no house.

We may not find the complete package, so the "modular home" option has come up in conversation. I have to confess, I have a hard time seeing a double-wide in our future, but honestly, some of the manufactured homes out there are unbelievable for the price. Definitely not what I envisioned when I thought of "manufactured."

We couldn't find such a great open floor plan in an onsite construction. Really, a layout like this is just what this family needs, since we spend so much time together learning, playing, doing.... And the difference in price....

Of course, there are cons to consider: appreciation issues, lender issues, zoning issues, etc. I'm confident we could overcome them if we found just what we wanted.

Found a log cabin a little further Northwest than I'd like, but it sits on about six acres, gorgeous wood accents throughout, fishing deck on a placid little lake. Every room says "Writer."

I can't help but wax dramatic about it all. "Is this the room I will stand in and declare, 'This is where I shall write my novel'?"

There's more than our domestic future in the cards here. Everything must align perfectly for the sake of inspiration. The older I get, the more I think I have only one crack at the book. (I know this isn't true, but that's the fatalist talking.)

I know in the end, God's going to throw exactly what we're supposed to have in our path, so I'm not at all worried. Anticipating, antsy, anxious...yes. Ready to get on with it. But it's His timing, and I have patience when it comes to that (most of the time).

We'll keep looking, keep throwing ideas back and forth. And in the meantime, I'll keep writing, hoping I can gain momentum that will stick through to The End.

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