May 23, 2009

She didn't flinch.

Sometimes, we wonder what we'll do if we ever "go There." If we're lucky, we can hold to our own boundaries if we decide we will never go there.

But what if "There" comes "Here"?

I'm an Avoidant. I think I was probably born an Avoidant. Big Sis clarified at one of those There junctures many miles back. The truth of it stung, but that was a side effect of immaturity.

I must be some measure of mature now, so I don't think those kinds of truths really sting all that much anymore. Not that I'm cynical, but not much surprises me these days. If Big Sis were to tell me I'm delusional, I'd "Hmm...," do a quick retrospective survey, see that she's right, and then hit the drawing board to draft ways of dealing with it.

There it is. And it's okay. I'm not fazed a bit. As a matter of fact, and oddly, I'm sort of welcoming the challenge. The psyche builds up callouses after a while; I think I'm ready to test mine a little.

-- Not that that's an invitation to the universe to start dumping on me. Be kind, please.

No, I can handle it today. I don't know much, and I don't know many, but the ones I do know are beautiful in their imperfection. I wouldn't change them a bit. And I wouldn't want any, anyone else in the world.

I lied. There are a few things left in the world that surprise me -- one being I find myself speaking from a position of strength and self-authority. Awlbee Dam.

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