May 14, 2009

Oh, but it gets much worse....

...It was in the violent throes of medication withdrawal --

-- during a messy, weepy episode, when 'Ailina tearfully confessed the depths and desperation of her serotonin-decline-induced paranoia which had led her to once again regress to frantic trolling through the computer's Internet browsing history and Googling every pseudonym Miner had ever used, thereafter trying and failing to break into his email account, despite their previously upheld agreement to mutual privacy --

-- that she realized, yet again, what a wonderful man she had in him, when he effectively tore asunder her irrational panic in revealing he'd spent the last few days working on building plans, his heart's contribution to bringing to fruition her dream of a small writing studio to be situated in the thick forested pines of their future estate, into which -- ironically -- she would inevitably withdraw from the world -- and from him -- in order to write the novel that would once and for all secure both their family's financial future, and her place in the world of literary works that would -- like her fragile yet austere spirit --

-- endure.

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